Sunday, June 19, 2005

Updates to the Howells Society site--early June 2005

from and link to Adam Gopnik's New
of Susan Goodman and Carl
Dawson's new biography of Howells in W.
D. Howells in the News.

  • 5 June.
    Recent updates to W.
    D. Howells in the News,
    which collects news items in which
    WDH is mentioned :
    address of the Xenophon; WDH and vaudeville; rediscovering Indian
    ; realist novels after "fog of postmodernism." New
    address for this site.

  • 3 June. New feature: FAQ about Howells;
    new query on The Day of Their Wedding.

  • 1 June. Updates to the current bibliography.

  • 30 May. New officers were elected at the ALA business meeting.

  • 13 May. Note:

  • Information on Paul Abeln's new book?

    Do you have any information on the new book called "William Dean Howells and the Ends of Realism" by Paul Abeln ?

    A: Various online bookstores list this as being published by Routledge in January 2005, ISBN 0415970962, for $70.00.

    Update from Paul Abeln:

    The book is available now through Routledge...but given the steep price, I'd recommend a library order/checkout (it's relatively short). It is part of a dissertation series and is a condensed version of the dissertation manuscript (2000) of the same name also available on loan or from UMI.