Saturday, May 21, 2005

Updates and Queries

The following items can be found on the Howells Society site:
# 13 May. Note: The site has been redesigned to eliminate frames and provide easier access to the materials. If you have any problems with this design, please e-mail me and I will try to correct them (or if you like it, let me know). Some pages are not yet available.
# 14 April. New Query (Familiar Spanish Travels).
# 27 March. New Query (Howells and Theodore Fontane)
# 22 March. New Query (the narrative "I"in The Rise of Silas Lapham)
# 15 March. The Howellsian, Volume 8, Number 1 (Spring 2005) has been mailed to members of the William Dean Howells Society. Its contents include messages from the president and vice president, information on Howells sessions and the business meeting at ALA, announcements, and a book excerpt from Susan Goodman and Carl Dawson's forthcoming biography of William Dean Howells.
# Our new web address is
# 4 March. Query about Jane Addams's reaction to Howells's "tirade on the
mania for self sacrifice": which novel? Also: source of "palpitating divans"?
# 1 March. Happy Birthday to W. D. Howells (1837-1920).
# 17 February. Howells cited as authority for Deadwood's language in WDH in the News (from The New Yorker)


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